Bangladesh Texttile institute &
Fashion technology

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Message from the Director
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I am glad to see the progress of the “Bangladesh Textile Institute and Fashion Technology”  the Institute’s Industry orientation, strict adherence to quality in learning and teaching International Standard.

Education plays the most important role in the welfare of all the creations of the world. It is education and only education, that is essential to nourish, expand and to make this world a suitable place for living. One can hardly deny the indispensability of education in economic & social freedom, behavioral discipline and satisfying our fundamental needs from a logical point of view. Therefore, it is often said "Education is the backbone of the Nation."

There is a recent trend of practical and technology based education in Bangladesh. A number of educational initiators, researchers and entrepreneurs are relentlessly working hard toward a more efficient & effective management of textile industry.

My best wishes and congratulation to the team members of BTIFT for their tireless effort to carve name for themselves in RMG related education.   


Our mission

The mission of BTIFT is to establish a international standard Institution for education, training, research an development to produce highly qualified creative and skilled human resources for RMG Sector.

To Provide Real, affordable, Innovative, high-quality learning opportunities a student.  Which is need in his life, Profession and Communication.    


Rashada Akter Mili Managing Director Company Name


I am Very Proud delighted to learn that the Government has decided to run Diploma Program In Merchandising & Fashion design Which is will  be affiliated with the Bangladesh Textile Institute and Fashion Technology (BTIFT). This Program will be  help to develop RMG Sector in our Country by Properly Preparing  our next generation. 

I wish the institute as well as its student all success.